Where to Start?

Welcome to CCC’s first true post. I am new to the “Cancer” club which I did not choose to join and have been rather forced to join. It is not a club one has any choice over doing.  This does not mean I have not been indirectly affected or effected by cancer, more on that later.

It has been very difficult for me to know what this blog should entail and what the format should be. Why was and is posting on this blog so hard for me? Why do I procrastinate on posting anything? Why am I making this so hard?

Well, I feel a big responsibility to the readers and myself so feel very unsure “Where to Start”.  Am I taking on to big of a venture? I really don’t know, I just feel the need to do so. Why then has it become so hard just to write, post, start? My main concern is being a supportive outlet for others who may be at times as confused as myself! So this post is a start at writing and posting to just see where it leads.

First, I am undecided what the format should be. Should it be about my own adventures with cancer? Should it be about what I learn through research? Should it be more structured or just whatever comes up as it comes up? I may be able to answer that last question, definitely not structured in any way. I am not very good with structure. While I am better at just going where the wind of thoughts take me. Should it be a big mixture of input, output?

So then how does this become a supportive blog which will give and offer support needed by all of us? Not just myself but the readers too.  Should I just start with sharing my thoughts and hopefully others will join in with their own feedback and suggestions? I feel I must just post what comes into my mind so the blogs will start. Rather it be good or bad and allow the site to dictate what myself and the readers need and want. It will evolve as it should in time, right?  The bottom line is I just need to start and keep it moving because if I wait till I have all or some of the answers to my questions then I will never post a thing.

Now with that said I will work on a new post based on what comes to mind.  Please, feel free to let me hear from you on your thoughts and what you need for support.

Thanks for being here and please, return often.



3 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. Your own adventure in cancer is so personal, your personal adventures and reflections are all you can share. It helps if you can keep a sense of humor. Write what you know. Even if you are unsure, write about your unsureness. I even write about having nothing to write about. Best wishes on your journey. I will check in with you from time to time. Keep writing. It is cathartic.

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  2. Yes, it is a personal adventure and it has new insight since I am on in the “club” as you referred to having cancer. I was on the other side and I had no clue what the individuals facing cancer daily were truly facing. The sense of humor is a good one and I did get a chuckle from your remark, “I even write about having nothing to write about.” LOL I do that and wonder if I bore others. Maybe not because I have never been bored of readying your musing. My thoughts and prayers are with you, fellow traveler. Thanks for the kind words of support. See you around the blog circuit.

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