Welcome to Can C Club.

Today is the birth of Can C Club.  Also, know as Can Cancer Club. This is a place for support and comfort. Today the focus is on setting up the site. Then there will be more post.

Have a a special day,



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Can C Club.

    • F3arlessfaith, I am not sure where I may contact you or if you are even still where I may contact you. I have in my memory a part of your post. They have been deleted now and that is so sad to me. If they have disappeared and you have left us forever then I am truly sad. I believe that we each leave something which may benefit others in some way. I know yours would have and I am sure it would have helped me to be able to revisit it. In some ways then we live on, no matter what? Right?

      Well, I may continue this response to you in a blog post later because maybe others will find it helpful or supportive, right? You are missed F3arlessfaith. I wish you would know that because as I remember this was a big part of your postings. The fact you were very young and very alone. Just so you know should you read this, I feel very alone and I may not be as young as you but we all have those times and some have more than their share, right?

      Hopefully, you are still with us and able to respond to my response to you. I would love to have some chats with you about this thing called loneliness. Thanks FLF 🙂

      Peace, Blessings, and Prayers,


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